Loving Mom!


My dear child!
I am your mother.
With you, I will always cuddle.
You gave me immense happiness,
Your arrival on this planet, marks my presense.
If you weren’t here,
Resignation from females community was to disappear.
You gave me my lost identity,
Now, you are my only entity.
You see,
I went through labour.
But really, I had no pain,
My happiness to have you, soothed it all.
When I saw you, for first,
Tears of hapiness, bursted.
And you smiled ,at next
It seemed you were trying to feel me at your best.
Oh! My baby,
U are like toy.
When I see you, I am filled with joy.
I wish you to fly,
That to very high.
May all your dreams come true,
I wish my Almighty ,
To always protect you.
Really, Moms are living Lords,
They always pray for betterment, to God.
The selfless soul, I respect you by heart,
My age of motherhood, taught me a lot. .

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Girls Vs. Tigers!


Oh! Girls, Listen to me.
This is for your well being.
You aren’t less in any particulars,
If I say, U are a tiger,
Am I wrong?
Tigers do suffer a lot,
They are killed for their skin slot.
You too are killed,
Thought to be burdens, you too are ceased.
The population of tigers are slipping off,
And the same for girls, as they are dieing off.
They too are caged,
And you are slaved.
We see them in zoos, as fascinating beings,
And you too are thrased as beautiful things.
Forcibly acting in a circus show,
You too are slapped, to be low.
Where’s the difference?
Aren’t you similar?
Are you less than a tiger?
The answer is “Yes”.
They roar like kings of forests,
And you shout like slaves of your dearests.
Learn to Roar!
There’s nothing kept in limiting to the floor.
Your sweet, melodies are soothing,
But, the world is developing.
Your voice is not heard in crowds,
Just learn to roar, and you will be proud.
Tigers are predators,
And you are the helpless prey.
Learn to “Hunt for yourself”.
Don’t get treated like fifty shades of grey.
Throw the covering of fear,
Get it transformed to brave.. Dear.
Your screams are unreachable to the crowd,
Just learn to hunt, and you will be proud.
Many of them will say, tigers too are males,
Brave girls!
Make them realise that tigress is more dangerous being female.
Just leave the thoughts of dependence,
And roar and mark your independence….

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Love destroyed her!


I feel very heavy hearted,
When miseries of life are overloaded.
In between my glooms,
I had chosen you.
But what you did, went viral,
You were the one of my admiral.
While your touchs were love for me,
Little did I know, you just wanted to eat me.
You were a hungry crow,
For you, I was an innocent blow.
My loneliness was a key for you,
And desperate man, I was just a whore for you.
I don’t understand, what’s special in me?
I guess, “My breasts”?
Its just two masses on the heavy chest.
Is it the one who invites you to use me?
But why don’t you remember, you too fed on your mother’s milk.
I don’t think, my other body parts would seduce you.
But I doubt, coz I don’t know you.
Togetherness was just for your physical needs,
And in between you only had greeds.
I regret my adolescence ,
Coz it drove me to a wrong step.
I was not a part of Braille script,
That u forcibly touched me.
It was your reticence,
But I misunderstood it as selflessness.
Now I am touched,
But I will make sure, again I am never crushed.
Thank you, for you gave me life lessons,
Do remember, you too will be punished once.
Time will make the difference,
As Karma is always given preference…

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Eyes: The Beauty!


The beautiful eyes.
Which set us on to the sights.
We are able to view the beauty of nature,
Oh, My friends,
It’s like voucher.
It gives the view of atmosphere,
And of eight wonders of the sphere.
It’s so creative in itself,
Formulating it’s innocence.
For the eyes are different in every human,
It’s the perfect match to stun!
A quick reference to all feelings,
Though fast, but the pictures are described very truely.
Maybe the Love, or hatred.
All can be viewed,
Also gives some personality clue.
Eyes are the amazing gift of god,
One who doesn’t have regret a lot.
Oh! Dear Humans.
Just show some humanity,
When you are no more,
Donate two eyes of yours.
Your death will be undone,
And you will remain immortal.
Coz, your eyes will keep you alive,
Hence proved,
Sight is the life’s only internal drive. -Vivti~

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A Man in Grief!


Why are you sad?
Just because she ditched you, you are going mad?
Oh! Man.. Think practically.
Are you just a material to be said “Good Bye! “?
Then why are you sad?
I guess
You are indulged in her deep thoughts,
But Why?
Don’t you know, she left you?
Don’t you know she is not doing the same?
You may be getting hurt,
By knowing she was a grifter.
But, What was your mistake?

So ,why are you sad?
Remembering her presence,
Will never help getting rid of her escape. .

Just follow a couple of advice,
And swallow the grief of demise.
It’s the nature of human,
They can just say, “We are forever “.
Everyone get apart,
Does it mark, your depart?
Just do a fresh start,
And make her regret, that she played with your heart. .
I will not ask you to “Move on”
I am just asking you to do is “Rock on”…

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Slum side Note!


Dear God!!
A requisite letter from “Me”.
I ask you,
Why are you, so rude?
Can’t you offer me a life with ease?
Residing in which, I could be pleased.
You offer comfort zone for one,
And land someone else to great troubles .
Was I the last member?
That’s why you never remember.
I am just a kid,
But, my life is buried.
Overwhelmed with problems,
And I desire to blossom.
Oh! Who in this world hate the fame?
I too want to gain my own name. .
Sorry! I forgot
I am appealing to you,
But what else can I do?
You never blessed me with father,
All I was named an
“illegitimate child”,
Who is never bothered.
I had a loving Mom,
But she too became a withdrawal.
I mourned during her demise,
Little did I know, it was setup for a new surprise.
Dropped in slums,
Nights passed in numbs.
And now for every bite,
My stomach has to fight..
And this was a touching note from slum side…
While we were resting in peace,
Having full plate meal,
Orphans cried, for food every night,
Meals were only in dreams, and it was the only delight….
Unknowingly we hurt many creatures, help one of them and you will be of loving nature.
Don’t waste food, neither encourage it in your surroundings…
A small step from your side, will provide them meal tonight….

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Female, The Lord!


Oh! Lady…
Who are you?
Why your belly is so protrude?
You don’t seem beautiful in heavy weight,
Come on! You should work out to fixate.

Oh stupid man!
You still exist in nature?
You ever asked your Mom, about the inside creature?
You too were carried in, here for nine months,
Your mother too experienced similar kind of thirsts.
Women are the gift of nature,
You should know, how to anchor.
Her arrival, and your life gets enlightened,
Throughout her life, she is burdened.
May be five, or fifteen, or fifty,
She is the only key.
You will ask, key for what?
And the answer is,
For your comfortness, Clod!
Carrying this heavy weight isn’t a trouble,
But handling people, really take me to bubbles.
The life inside me, isn’t mere a weight,
It’s a talk much significant. .

I am a pregnant women,
Before this I am a pretty lady.
I am really proud,
Being gifted in the feminist crowd.
Tomorrow I will turn to “Mom”,
And a life will be welcomed, due to my womb.
I am a female,
A Lord, in curtail.

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